I remember as a child how much fun we had when the Sears Roebuck Christmas catalog arrived in the mail. My sister and I would take turns pouring over the book, reading the descriptions of all the toys, dreaming of which ones we might like to receive for Christmas, and then circling our favorites. Nowadays we do everything online, but I miss the joy of the catalog.

If you’re the same way, have I got exciting news for you. This year I was blessed with an opportunity to review a new type of catalog. It’s a Christmas catalog with a twist. It’s put out by Advancing Native Missions, an organization that supports local ministries around the world. Rather than sending missionaries to foreign lands, they’re helping support the local pastors and workers who are native to the area and already serving the people. Their gift catalog is a way for people to help those native ministries in very specific ways. I’ve never seen anything quite like this, but this is something really special that they’re doing, and I’m honored to help spread the word.

So how does it work? Each page introduces us to a specific need. For example, In Israel, one out of five babies are aborted. Doctors tell mothers that children are too much of a burden. On the Israel page, we learn about Liah, a new mother and the Newborn Care Package that helps mothers like Liah. If you give a gift of $150, a mother will receive baby clothes, essential baby gear such as a stroller, diapers and formula if needed, and regular counseling. Imagine being able to help get one young mother off to such a great start!

But maybe you can’t afford to spend that much money. No worries, for $15 you can give a pair of shoes for a child. For $10 you can provide sports equipment for them to enjoy playtime with friends. For $5 you can give a Bible.

Maybe you’re feeling very extravagant this year. God has blessed you financially and you’d like to share with others. In that case, you can give $2,000 for a motorcycle so a church planter or pastor can get around to remote areas to share the gospel where it’s never been heard before.

My favorite options are the micro-business and community opportunities. For $150 you can give a beekeeping kit that will help Christian workers earn extra income to support their families. Isn’t that a great side businesses? Or you can give $120 for a sewing machine to help a family start a sewing business. Give $40 for a goat so a family had an economical supply of milk. For $3 you can give a chicken!

Imagine sharing this catalog with your children and letting them save money and help support a family. For the price of a kids meal, they can give a family a chicken. For the price of a cheap toy, they can give a chicken and a Bible. How special will that be?

I encourage you to head over to the Advancing Native Missions website and add shopping the catalog to your list of Christmas traditions. You’ll be glad you did!

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One response to “Advancing Native Missions Catalog – Review”

  1. Hi Sharon,

    Praise the Lord who leads me to your posts by internet search.
    Your Review for Advancing Native Missions Catalog is wonderful!
    You have a big heart for Missions and this is awesome.
    I have faith that your posts will touch the hearts of many persons by opening their eyes regarding Missions worldwide ” The harvest is great, but the workers are few…” Jesus said.

    I discovered Advancing Native Missions somedays ago, the Lord lead me to their web site through internet search as He lead me to your posts as well.
    I really appreciate what Advancing Native Missions is doing worldwide for His glory by encouraging, equipping and advocating for Native Missionaries to reach the unreached people groups for Christ, this is awesome!!!

    I really would like to partner with ANM, I twice sent them a message but till now I don’t receive any reply.
    I keep praying that God opens doors so that I partner with Advancing Native Missions so that together we continue reaching many Children and Teens for Christ.

    Here a little bit about me and the Ministry we are doing for His glory.

    My name is Ayouba Moussa, I’m a citizen of Niger Republic/West Africa.
    I have 40 years old, I was born in a Christian family and I received Jesus at my younger age, since this time I walk closer with Him.
    I’m married to Sirleide and we got one son named Enoch.
    I’m a native missionary, serving the Lord here in my homeland. I have done a Missions training through YWAM.

    In 2012 God sent me back to the village where I was born to preach the gospel to the unreached next generation of my ethnic group.
    I went there with my wife and start the Ministry among Children and Teens.
    Our main purpose is to preach the Good News of Salvation to these unreached ones, so we are doing Evangelism Club that gathers more than 300 Children and Teens twice a week.

    From 2012 till today, hundreds and hundreds of Children and Teens attend our Ministry and most of them received Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior and walk closer with Him.

    Despite of their life full with needs due to the high level of poverty these Children and Teens love Jesus with all of their heart.
    We also do others activities with them during the week like discipleship class, literacy, arts and crafts, Jesus film project… This gives us opportunity to spend more time with them and teach them the word of God.

    Our Ministry name is “Amour et Compassion du Christ” (A.C.C) it’s in French means in English “Love and Compassion of Christ”.
    We got the authorization from Niger’s government to do all our activities.

    God’s love and His compassion changed and continue changing the lives of hundreds of Children and Teens here by giving them new life and hope which is only available through Jesus Christ.

    The number of Children and Teens who attend our Ministry increases day after day, God is moving amazingly…To Him be all the glory.

    If you like, let us stay in touch so that you learn more about the great things that God is doing here through our Ministry.

    In His love and Glorious Service,
    Missionary Ayouba Moussa & Family.
    A.C.C Ministry
    Niger Republic/West Africa

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