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All God's Women Radio

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All God's Women radio

All God’s Women radio is an internationally syndicated Christian radio show for women. It’s carried on over 125 radio stations across the United States. Canada, Guam, United Kingdom, Ireland, Scotland, Kenya, and Uganda. Each daily episode is 2 minutes long and tells the story of a Bible woman along with a takeaway for Christian women of today. 

Listen on these and other great radio stations around the world.

Sample Episodes

Lineage of Jesus: Eve
Milcah: Wife of Nahor
Adah: Wife of Lamech

Meet the Host

Through the years Sharon Wilharm has worn many hats – filmmaker, blogger, writer, ministry leader, speaker, and now podcast host. The common thread of all the hats is women and storytelling. 

Sharon loves to tell stories that inspire and encourage women in their walk with the Lord. As a filmmaker, she made movies with a female perspective. As a blogger, she’s shared the stories of female filmmakers, actresses, authors, and speakers. As a ministry leader, she’s worked with women of all ages, teaching them and helping them to discover their unique stories. As a speaker, she loves sharing personal stories of the amazing things God has done in her own life as well as in the lives of Bible women. And as host of All God’s Women podcast and internationally syndicated radio show, she works her way through the Bible, sharing the stories of all the women in the Bible.

Sharon Wilharm host of All God's Women
Sharon Wilharm, host of All God's Women
Join the All God's Women radio family. Christian radio show for women available for syndication on Christian radio stations.

Thank you for your interest in the All God’s Women radio show. Whether you’re a station manager, program director, or just an interested listener, we look forward to bringing All God’s Women to your radio station.

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