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Bible Study Leadership Guide

What better way to study the Bible than to join together with a few friends and study together! If you’re wanting to do a group study but aren’t sure how to go about it, here you go. It doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult. In fact, the easier the better so that you’re more likely to actually do it.

How to Lead a Home Bible Study

1. Assemble a Group

Look around you. Find a few friends who might enjoy getting together to learn about Bible women. These can be women from your church or Sunday School class, neighbors, or even family members.

2. Set a Time

Decide how often you’d like to meet. While weekly is a logical choice, it might be easier to get women if you do every other week. Decide together if mornings, afternoons, or evenings are best. Choose how long to meet, whether an hour, and hour and a half, or two hours.

3. Choose a Location

Meet at your house, church, or coffee shop. It doesn’t matter where you meet as long it’s convenient and everyone is comfortable meeting and sharing there.

4. Meet Together

As everyone arrives, greet each woman, checking to see how she’s doing. Once you feel confident everyone who’s coming is there, open with prayer.

If this is your first week together, explain what you’ll be doing. Introduce the woman of the week. Use the Worn Out Women Bible study guide to assign scripture reading assignments, memory passage, and daily learning activities.

Go around the circle and ask each woman to share specific highlights she got out of her personal Bible study time. If need be, kick if off by sharing your own observations, but it’s always good to get others sharing themselves rather than depending on you. Keep the discussion moving by commenting or asking follow-up questions. Make sure that everyone participates. If a woman isn’t contributing, draw her out by asking if there was anything she noticed that no one has mentioned yet. You’ll be surprised sometimes at how the quietest women will often have some of the deepest observations.

Keep the conversation moving. If someone gets off topic, gently steer the discussion back to the Bible study.

Say the memory passage together several times. Encourage each other to memorize it in the week ahead.

Assign the next week’s woman to study. Make sure everyone knows how to listen to the All God’s Women podcast to supplement their personal study.

Close in prayer.

5. Repeat

You don’t have to be a teacher to lead a home Bible study. All you need is a few friends and a desire to grow together in your walk with the Lord. You’re each holding the others accountable and guiding each other to learn more about the Bible.

If you take my challenge and start a women of the Bible study, drop me a line and let me know how it goes. I’d love to hear from you.

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