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Bible Widows

No one wants to lose their spouse to death, but widows in Bible times had an especially difficult time with no one to provide for them. Though Bible widows suffered, we see in the stories of widows in the Bible that God has a soft spot for widows. You’re never alone when you have God beside you.

women of Bethlehem

Women of Bethlehem

When Naomi and Ruth arrived in Bethlehem from Moab, they were greeted by the women of Bethlehem. Though it had been many years since Naomi had left, the women asked themselves, “Is this Naomi?” and made sure she felt welcome.  … Continue reading Women of Bethlehem

Ruth Marries Boaz

Ruth Marries Boaz

After Ruth and Boaz got acquainted, he singled her out at mealtime, making sure she had plenty to eat and instructing his workers to provide extra grain for her to glean.  When Ruth returned home bearing her bounty of grain, … Continue reading Ruth Marries Boaz

Ruth Meets Boaz

Ruth Meets Boaz

When Naomi and Ruth returned to Bethlehem, the women of the city greeted them with excitement. It had been many years since Naomi had moved away, and they were overjoyed to see her again. But Naomi told them to call … Continue reading Ruth Meets Boaz

Micah's mother

Micah’s Mother

The later part of the book of Judges includes a series of stories that illustrate the pagan influences on the people of Israel. Chapter 17 tells the story of Micah and his mother. They lived in the mountains of Ephraim.  … Continue reading Micah’s Mother

Orphans and widows

Orphans and Widows

Though Old Testament society did not value orphans or widows, God made sure that they were taken care of. The Bible is filled with instructions to ensure the protection for orphans and widows and to provide provision for their needs. … Continue reading Orphans and Widows

Tamar and Judah

Tamar and Judah

All Tamar wanted was to have a son. She was willing to do whatever it took to make that happen, even risking death. She knew when she deceived Judah that she faced being put to death when she was found … Continue reading Tamar and Judah

Tamar's tragedy

Tamar the Widow

Judah found a wife for his son Er. Her name was Tamar. But soon after their marriage, God killed Er due to his wickedness. So as was the custom, Tamar was given to Judah’s second son, Onan, so that he … Continue reading Tamar the Widow

Worn out women - Naomi

Worn Out Women: Naomi

It’s been a rough two years, and there’s a good chance you’re feeling exhausted and quite possibly discouraged at the way your life is going. Things haven’t turned out the way you thought they would. You’re not sure where you’re … Continue reading Worn Out Women: Naomi


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