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Bible Women Who Waited on God

Waiting is not something that any of us enjoy, and yet, so often God asks us to wait for the blessings He has in store for us. Find comfort in the stories of the Bible women who waited on God. Each of these women had to wait many years for God to give them the desires of their hearts. But the blessings they received were definitely worth the wait!

Hebrews escape Egypt

Hebrews Escape Egypt

As God prepared His people to leave Egypt, the plagues grew more severe. Locust, darkness, and finally, death. But in the death, God instituted a new tradition, the Passover. Moses gave the Hebrew people specific instructions in how they were … Continue reading Hebrews Escape Egypt

Lrsh and her children

Leah Laid to Rest

Leah had six sons and a daughter. In her children she witnessed praise and much sorrow. How it must have broken her heart to see the mess that came from Dinah’s decision to venture unaccompanied into Shechem. Dinah must have … Continue reading Leah Laid to Rest

Rebekah and Isaac pray

Rebekah’s Prayers

Rebekah and Isaac began their marriage with prayer. When Abraham sent his trusted servant in search of a wife for Isaac, the servant prayed, and Rebekah was the answer to his prayer. Once Rebekah and Isaac married, they longed for … Continue reading Rebekah’s Prayers

Sarah and Isaac

Sarah and Isaac

For a quarter of a century Abraham and Sarah waited for their promised son. At times they lost hope. They took matters into their own hands. They messed up. They grew older. They continued to mess up. But God had … Continue reading Sarah and Isaac

Sarah Laughs

Sarah Laughs

Hagar bore Ishmael, but Sarai remained barren. Another decade passed. Abram and Sarai grew older. Then one day God appeared to Abram to establish His covenant with him. God changed Abram’s name to Abraham and changed Sarai’s to Sarah. After … Continue reading Sarah Laughs

Sarai devises a plan

Sarai Devises a Plan

Despite God’s promise to Abram, his wife Sarai remained barren. Ten years they’d resided in Canaan, their promised land, and yet they still had no promised son. Losing confidence in God and desperate to provide Abram children, Sarai devised her … Continue reading Sarai Devises a Plan

Sarai leaving Ur

Sarai Leaving Ur

Like most women of her time, I’m sure Sarai expected to live and die in her native land, raising a quiverfull of children, but God had other plans. Sarai married her half-brother Abram, but the children didn’t come. Sarai was … Continue reading Sarai Leaving Ur


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