In 2013 I attended the National Religious Broadcasters conference and noticed how all the attention went to the big budget movies, leaving the smaller filmmakers and films virtually invisible. I came home and immediately created Faith Flix as a way to spotlight those in the faith-based film industry who were otherwise ignored. I had no idea what a nerve I would hit.

I’ve been blessed to have Faith Flix explode beyond my wildest expectations. While I’ve certainly interviewed plenty of unknown individuals and featured overlooked films, Faith Flix has become so much more. Now Faith Flix is a hub for upcoming releases, celebrity interviews, movie reviews, and coverage of film events. It’s also expanded to include books and music and anything else entertainment related. What wonderful friends I’ve met in the industry and what an honor it’s been to help my fellow filmmakers share the word about their passion projects.


If you’re looking for behind the scenes stories related to your favorite films or if you’re hoping to discover new movies to watch and enjoy, then check out my Faith Flix. But first, go grab a hot cocoa and curl up in front of a fire, because with five years of articles, you  may find yourself reading for quite a spell. Enjoy!

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