Today we move on to 1 Samuel 9 where we meet a group of young maidens on their way to draw water. They were merely going about their business, doing something they did every single day, but this particular day God used them in a mighty way.

At the beginning of the chapter we’re introduced to Saul. One of his dad’s donkeys was lost, and his dad sent him and a servant to go find the lost donkey. But they looked all over and couldn’t find him. Then his servant told him about Samuel, a prophet who lived in the nearby city. The servant suggested that Samuel could tell them where the donkey was. 

They went up the hill to the city and on the way met the young maidens. Saul asked them if they knew where the seer or prophet was. 

They responded by telling Saul and his servant to hurry if they wanted to catch him because he was headed to offer a sacrifice at the high place.

Sure enough, Saul followed their direction and found Samuel heading toward them.

Simple enough story isn’t it? A lost donkey. A group of girls getting water. Just another day in the life and times of ordinary people, right? Actually, nothing could be further from the truth. For, you see, the day before God had told Samuel that a man would be coming his way and he was to anoint that man as king of Israel. That man was Saul.

God used a lost donkey and a group of girls to introduce Saul to the prophet Samuel who was to anoint him king. 

Our God is a God of destiny, not happenstance. Nothing is truly random. It all happens for a reason. It’s likely those girls never knew that the man looking for a lost donkey was the man who later ruled over their land. It would have never occurred to them that giving directions to a lost man would set him on a royal path. But God knew. And not only did he let those young women be a part of His plan, He also recorded it for posterity so that we might know as well.

Lord God, thank you for allowing ordinary people to be used in mighty ways for You. Thank you for taking the everyday moments of our life and turning them into something significant. Thank you for always watching out for us and bringing people into our lives who will help us get where we need to be. Forgive us those times we get discouraged thinking nothing we do makes a difference. Thank Your for reminders like this that we do matter to You. We love You. In Christ’s name we pray. Amen.