Today we look at Merab, a princess who was always at the mercy of the men in her life. 

We’re first introduced to Merab in 1 Samuel 14. We’re told she was the oldest of King Saul’s two daughters. No mention of her is made again until chapter 18. The women with tabrets had incited Saul’s resentment towards David and it continued to grow. He was afraid of David but couldn’t do anything because everyone loved David. 

So he had an idea. He promised David Merab as his wife if he would just fight the Lord’s battles for Saul. His thought was that hopefully David would be killed in battle, and Saul could go back to being the revered king. 

Only David didn’t react the way Saul expected. David felt unworthy to marry the daughter of the king. Then, for reasons unknown, when Merab should have been given to David, Saul instead married her off to another man.

Merab went on to have five boys, but she apparently died young because we find out in 2 Samuel 21:9 that her sister Michal ended up raising her sons. 

Princesses are supposed to have these perfect lives, but Merab is one of many examples that show that sometimes being born into royal or prominent families can actually make for difficult lives for young women as they are often stripped of their rights. They become pawns in political games. Thus was the case of Merab. 

No one cared who Merab loved or who she wanted to marry. It didn’t matter. She was at the mercy of her father and whichever men he felt would be benefit him politically.

What about you? Have you ever felt like a pawn? Have you ever been used by someone for their purposes? Have you ever felt that your wants and needs don’t matter?

Life can certainly feel that way, for everyone at times. But regardless of where you are and how you get there. please know that God loves you. You may not be in the marriage you expected. You may not feel loved by your husband. But you are the bride of Christ, and He loves you dearly. You matter to Him. 

When you’re feeling alone and unloved, just pour your heart out to Him until you feel His loving arms wrapped around you, filling you with His love.

Lord God, thank You for this reminder of your never-ending love. Thank for loving us even when it seems like no one else does. Be with us during those times when we feel tossed and turned and caught up in the sins of the world. Guide our paths so that wherever we are, we will keep our eyes on You and not lose sight of whose bride we are. We love you. In Christ’s name we pray. Amen.