Today we continue in Exodus, moving on to chapter 38 verse 8. We’re told Moses made the laver and its base out of bronze from the mirrors provided by the serving women who assembled at the door of the tabernacle of meeting.

What an interesting verse on so many levels! 

First, what is a laver? It’s a fountain where the priests would cleanse their blood stained hands and feet after making the sacrifices. 

The mirrors that the women donated were highly buffed pieces of bronze so that they could see their reflection. These mirrors were a product of Egypt, so they brought them into the wilderness with them and would not have been able to replace these. Without those mirrors, they would have no way to check on their appearance. This was quite a sacrifice, but they gave willingly.

Finally, who were these serving women? We’re not sure exactly. Some historians think they took orders and ran errands for the priests. What I appreciate is that women played an active role in the worship at the tabernacle. They had a job to do, and were treated with respect. It’s also of note that they’re the only group of individuals that’s listed by name with their specific contribution to the tabernacle. 

If God were making a list today of individuals and what they’re giving to Him, would you make the list? Are you currently serving at your church? Are you willing to give sacrificially of something that can’t be replaced? What many lessons can you learn from this one verse about a group of women contributing to the tabernacle? 

Lord God, thank you for including these serving women in Moses’ account of the contributions made to the tabernacle. Thank you for allowing women a job to do in tabernacle service. Thank you for letting us know about their sacrificial giving of their bronze mirrors. Help each woman listening today to find own own place to serve. Open our eyes to what it is You want us to give back to You. Forgive us for those times when we try to hold on too tightly to our worldly possessions. Thank you for loving us and recognizing our contributions however large or small they might be. We love You. In Christ’s name we pray. Amen.