Today we find ourselves in 2 Samuel 17 where we meet the Wench of En-rogel. It’s the only time in the Bible this term is used, and while it has negative connotations nowadays, at the time, it was just another word for servant girl. 

To set the tone for this story, David’s son Absalom was trying to take over the throne. As a result, David went into hiding. But he needed to keep abreast of what was going on. He had two allies who were keeping him informed. Only they, also, had to be discreet.

They stayed at En-rogel since they couldn’t be seen going in and out of the city, but they found the local servant girl who was willing to pass messages back and forth. No one would think anything of a servant traveling to get water or food. She kept her ears open to what was being said, relayed the information to David’s messengers, and then they would go out to the wilderness to where David was hidden and update him. 

It worked for awhile until a young boy saw what they were doing and alerted Absolom. Fortunately, though, they were able to escape to the next town.

This is yet another example of a common woman going about her life and being used by God. 

Isn’t it amazing how God can take those whom the world disregards and use them in mighty ways? Had the wench of En-rogel been a man, or even a wealthy or prominent woman, she would not have been able to serve as freely as a spy. As it was, she was practically invisible. But God saw her and He knew she was exactly what was needed to help save God’s chosen man.

What about you? Do you ever feel invisible, like no one has a clue who you are or what you’re doing? If so, be encouraged, because God can take the very obscurity that you have and use it in ways you could never imagine. All you have to do is to be alert and open to be used by Him. Make yourself available, and He will find ways for you to serve.

Lord God, thank you for this wonderful reminder of how differently You see us than how the world sees us. Do everyone else we may be invisible, unimportant, but not to You. You have so carefully placed us right where we need to be so that we can be a part of Your wonderful plan for our life. Open our eyes to what it is You need us to see. Open our hearts that we might be willing to do whatever it is that You ask. Give us the courage and strength to do mighty things for You. We love You. In Christ’s name we pray. Amen.