Today we look at Zeruiah, half-sister of David. She’s mentioned 25 times in the Bible and yet we’re not told anything about her other than her relationship to  David, her husband, and her sons. 

Either her husband died young or else Zeruiah was the more prominent member of the marriage because whenever her sons are mentioned, it’s always that they were the sons of Zeruiah with no mention of her husband.

So who were her sons? 

Abishai was the oldest. He was a mighty military leader who fought alongside David.

Next, was Joab. He became commander of David’s army. We’ve talked about him in several previous episodes.

The youngest was Asahel. He, too, was a warrior, beloved by all. He died in a one-on-one batter with Abner. 

Zeruiah lived a life in the shadows. We have no record of her doing anything other than raising three sons. And yet, 25 times her sons are listed as being the sons of Zeruiah. Obviously, her influence on her boys was widely felt. She raised up sons who were courageous and honorable. She taught them well. And even when they were grown, they were still known by her influence on them.

Oh, that we mothers might remember that. When you’re stuck in the house with young children, and you feel overwhelmed and unappreciated, remember that what you’re doing has eternal consequence. Those little ones you’re raising will grow up and what you taught will be exposed in the life they lead. 

Lord God, I ask a special prayer today for mothers of littles. It can be so challenging to be trapped in a life of constant serving and little recognition. Lord, please be with those mommies and just give them a gentle reminder that their work is not in vain. Give them a glimpse of the significance of what they’re doing. Give them the strength to continue in the day to day work that seems so unrewarding. Remind them of how very much You love them. Thank You for using our humble efforts and using them for Your glory. In Christ’s name we pray. Amen.