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Deborah the Warrior

Deborah accompanied Barak, Zebulun, and Naphtali to Kadesh. They brought with them an army of ten thousand men under Barak’s command. 

After they got into position, word reached Sisera that Barak had gone up to Mount Tabor, so Sisera gathered together all his chariots and his entire army. Sisera’s army waited at the bottom of the mountain convinced that victory was theirs. But God had other plans.

At the appointed time, Deborah gave the command to Barak to make his move. She reminded him that the Lord had delivered Sisera into his hands and gone before him in battle. 

In Judges 4:15, we’re told that the Lord “routed” Sisera and his army and the Hebrews overcame the enemy with the sword. We also learn that Sisera ran away on foot. 

The word used for routed means confused. Chapter 5 verse 4 reveals that God sent a sudden storm that caught up the chariots and swept away the enemy army.

Sisera placed his faith in his mighty army and fleet of chariots, but they were no match for the Lord of Heaven and Earth. 

Barak and his army were so focused on Sisera’s strength they forgot they had God on their side. They lost sight of His amazing strength. 

Fortunately, Deborah understood. Her faith was strong and contagious. She made sure they obeyed God’s command and followed His lead, even when they were scared. 

It’s times like this, when the situation looks hopeless, that God shines in all His brightness. When we are weak, He is strong. Though our enemies surround us, God never forsakes us. God is the victor. He reigns victorious. All we have to do is follow behind Him as He leads the way.

Read about Deborah as warrior: Judges 4-5

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