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Esther Saves the Jews

Esther had a choice to make. Though no one in the palace knew she was a Jew, she knew the time had come to reveal her heritage and save her people. 

Esther instructed Mordecai to gather up all the Jews and have them fast for three days, and she and her attendants would do the same. At the end of the three days, she would go before the king, and if she died, so be it. 

Fortunately, the king was in a good mood, so when he saw Esther standing in the court in her royal robes, he held out his scepter to welcome her in. He asked what it was she desired, promising her whatever she wished, up to half the kingdom.

Esther took her time, waiting for the right moment. She invited the king and Haman to a dinner. The king agreed. Haman was summoned, and the two joined Esther for a banquet feast. 

At the feast, the king asked what it was she wanted. Again, she delayed, instead inviting the two of them to another feast the next day. And they were happy to oblige.

Esther pleaded her case, and though the king was unable to undo a decree once it was proclaimed, he allowed Esther to make a counter proclamation. Word was sent out to all the provinces that the Jews could gather together and defend themselves from anyone who attacked them. When the day came, not only did the Jews join together, but government officials joined with them to help them defeat their enemies. 

Afterwards, Mordecai and Esther established the Feast of Purim, a yearly celebration to remember their great victory.

Read about Esther in Scripture: Esther 5 and 8

Esther saves the Jews Bible study

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