After God pronounced judgment on Adam and Eve. When Adam learned that thorns and thistles would spring forth from the ground he was toiling, causing him to sweat from the effort. In the wake of discovering that his days would be numbered, and he would return to the ground he was taken from, Adam named his wife. He called her Eve because she was the mother of all living.

The word “eve” refers to the period preceding an event. Adam could have dwelt on the past. Instead, he looked to the future.

This woman God had given him destroyed life as he knew it, and yet, rather than responding with bitterness and anger, Adam celebrated his wife. What a beautiful illustration of love!

Adam and Eve experienced great sorrow in their lives. They watched as God killed one of his creation in order to provide them clothing. They were evicted from paradise and sentenced to a life of hardship and trials.

They rejoiced in the birth of their sons Cain and Abel, then mourned over the death of Abel and the curse of Cain. When God blessed them with the birth of Seth, they praised God again.

God declared in the beginning that it was not good for man to be alone. He needed woman to complete him. Together, Adam and Eve found comfort and companionship throughout the ups and downs of their lives. They were there, bolstering each other.

Marriage is not easy. It’s a union of two imperfect individuals living a life filled with sorrow. But the blessing of marriage is having someone by our side to share in the sorrows and celebrate the blessings. May we find comfort, together.

Eve’s Marriage in the Bible: Genesis 2:18-25, 3:1-20

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