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Eve: Mother of All Living

Did Eve know from the beginning that she was to be the mother of all living? How could she even understand the concept? God created Adam from the dust of the ground and Eve from one of Adam’s ribs. They were formed as fully functioning adults.

When God told her he would greatly multiply her sorrow and her conception, and that in pain, she would bring forth children, how could she have possibly comprehended what that would mean? All she knew was that her bearing children was part of God’s plan to conquer sin.

Imagine her confusion during pregnancy, wondering what was happening to her body. Even more so, the astonishment at the birth of her first baby. Though surely she was worn out and overwhelmed by the experience, she gave God the glory, proclaiming that she had acquired a man from the Lord. She delighted again in bearing another son.

Surely, Eve did everything she knew to raise her boys up right, but when Cain found displeasure from God, he took it out on his brother, killing Abel.

What heartache Eve must have felt, knowing that her firstborn son killed her second born, but then her joy when God sent her a third son. She praised God for appointing another seed for her.

Though we don’t know the names of the rest of Eve’s children, we know that she and Adam went on to have many more sons and daughters.

Mothering is one of the hardest things we can ever do. Nothing compares to the sorrow we feel when our children suffer nor the joy we feel in celebrating their successes. May we give God the glory for allowing us the privilege of being a mother.

Eve as Mother in the Bible: Genesis 3:15-20, 4:1-26

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Test your knowledge of Eve in the Bible.

What did Adam call the woman when God brought her to Adam?

Who did God design as a companion for Adam?

What did God think of his creations?

God told Adam and Eve to not eat from what tree?

What did Eve say they couldn't do?

What did the serpent say would happen if they ate from the tree?

Whose advice did Eve take?

What did Eve do after eating the fruit?

What would have happened had Adam and Eve eaten from the Tree of Life?

How did Adam and Eve cover themselves?

Why did Adam and Eve hide from God?

What caused the barrier between Adam and Eve and God.

What was God's judgment on Eve?

What promise did God give Eve?

What did Adam name his wife?

Why did Adam name her Eve?

What did Eve's oldest son do?

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