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Filmmaker’s Journey – Day 4



Yesterday we went from Central Time Zone to Pacific Time Zone. It gave us an extra two hours of sleep so by 7:30am, we were on our way to the Grand Canyon. At 8:30 we noticed smoke in the distance. Then a sign that said “Smoke Ahead”. At 8:32 we passed a sign that said “Rock Fall Ahead”. And at 8:35 another sign that said “Road Work Ahead”. Fortunately, the delays were shortlived and we were soon on our way again.



As we’ve journeyed through these vast miles of forsaken wilderness, I’ve reflected on all the travelers who have gone this way route before us.

I can’t imagine those pioneer women whose husbands longed for wide open spaces to call their own. How those women must have loved their husbands that they would leave behind family, friends, and furniture and endure unthinkable hardships both on the way and once they arrived.

I’ve thought about those single women who risked their lives to come by stagecoach or train to become mail order brides or one room schoolteachers.


As we enter California I’m reminded of all those who’ve come to this enchanted state in search of fortune and fame. First, the early gold digging 49’ers and later all the movie star hopefuls.


The group of travellers I most connect with are the many families who’ve journeyed Route 66 in search of fun, adventured-filled, family vacations. Oh, the joys of sticking heads in holes to pose for pictures or picking out cheap trinkets to immortalize the memories. How fun to spend the nights in wigwam hotels or alligator themed campgrounds.


Now bright cheery tourist attractions stand abandoned and forlorn. Once prosperous and thriving towns are dilapidated and dead. Route 66 vacations are becoming a thing of the past. Children are missing out on the joys of the journey because parents are in a rush to reach their destination.


I pray that today you’ll take a moment to savor life’s delays and detours. Squeeze in some time for silliness. And if you come to a fork in the road, take the road less traveled.



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  1. Sharon, thank you for sharing your adventure and enthusiasm and openess to the “road less traveled”. You are showing us the wonder that still exists if we will but look around the corner and let God be our tour guide.

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