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Filmmaker’s Journey – Day 5


Yesterday we arrived in Los Angeles for the Pan Pacific Film Festival Stellae Awards Ceremony. We weren’t sure what to expect, but it was exactly what we hoped for and more. First, we were taken to the red carpet area where we were interviewed by numerous media outlets including Christian Film Database and Sonoma Christian Home. I’m much more used to being the interviewer, so it was strange being the interviewee. But it was fun and exciting. Next, we enjoyed a delicious VIP dinner with new and old friends. And then the awards ceremony. Each of the films nominated were allowed up to fourteen guests and we all got to enjoy special seating at the front.


Our friend Jenn Gotzon was one of the hosts for the evening along with Dr. Travis Drake. She looked fabulous and they both did a great job of keeping the show moving along.


I loved watching the clips from all the nominated films. Wow! What amazing films. It made me want to watch every one of them. I’m honored that The Good Book was chosen to be part of such an incredible selection of films.

It was fun to meet up with our old Tennessee friends the Ramsays who were a part of The Good Book then moved to California.

This morning we head back to the festival for the screening of The Good Book as well as the other festival events including live entertainment, workshops, and even a fashion show. Can’t wait!

Richard Wilson who played the role of the preacher in The Good Book was nominated for Best Actor for his leading role in Noble Fir. He’s an incredibly talented actor and it was great to meet up with him again.

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  1. You all look fabulous!!!

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