As the Hebrew people prepared to build the Lord’s tabernacle, Moses first asked everyone to make their donations. Then he gave instructions for gifted artisans to make all that the Lord commanded.

In Exodus 35:11-19 Moses listed everything the artisans would be making. This included all the details of the tabernacle tent, tables, doors, coverings, screens, altar, and garments of ministry for the priests.

Both men and women gave and both men and women worked as artisans. Verse 25 tells us that gifted women spun blue, purple, and scarlet yarn and linen out of goats’ hair.

Exodus chapter 36 opens by letting us know that the Lord had given individuals wisdom and understanding to know how to do all manner of work for the service of the sanctuary, and it was their duty to do all that the Lord commanded.

Then I love what it says in Exodus 36:2-7. The people gave generously every morning, and the artisans went to work at their craft, but there came a time when the artisans came to Moses saying the people had brought more materials than they needed. So Moses gave a commandment and proclaimed throughout the camp to not bring anything else to the sanctuary because they already had more than they needed.

God continues today to gift individuals with wisdom, skills, and worldly goods so that we might in turn use them for the Lord’s work. Working together, we can accomplish amazing things things for the Lord. How often, though, do we hold tight to our gifts, fearful to use them or share them?

What would our churches today be like if we all gave so abundantly of our blessings that they were more than enough to do the Lord’s work?

Read about gifted artisans in Scripture: Exodus 35:4-36:7

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