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Grace of God – Movie Review

Grace of God is a powerful sermon movie. The entire movie is literally a sermon. It opens with John Ratzenberger as a preacher delivering a sermon. He tells a story about a friend of his and that story is the movie until the very end when Ratzenberger closes his sermon. Peppered throughout the story are numerous mini-sermons as well.

Grace of God is the story of a church that discovers $30,000 has been stolen from a special fund raised to build a new athletic facility for the church. The decision is made by the leadership to hire a private investigator to look into the situation rather than get the police involved. The majority of the movie is the investigator interviewing the numerous individuals who had access to the safe in order to determine the guilty party. Each of the church members has something to hide, revealing commandments they’ve broken, and yet each provides a testimony of God’s grace. I really liked the individual characters. I think each one of us can probably identify with at least one. They’re each Christians who have fallen and failed at some point.

The dvd cover and the Walmart listing says this movie stars John Ratzenberger, Erin Bethea, and Lorenzo Lamas. While each of these actors are indeed in the movie, the real stars of the film are Julia Parker and Vincent Duvall. They are the emotional anchors of the movie and should have star billing. They each did a great job of portraying complex characters.

This movie could have been a great movie. The concept works. The writing isn’t bad. The acting is good. The cinematography has its moments. But it fails to reach its potential. It’s a strong sermon. A nice twist at the end. I’m sure it will be convicting to some and encouraging to others. Lives will be blessed by it. But it makes me a little sad because this could have been great and they settled for good.

Oh, and the cover says a story of Easter traditions, but I have no idea what Easter traditions they’re talking about since the movie made no mention of Easter. It is, however, definitely based on the ten commandments.

I have an extra copy to give away. Just comment with your favorite Easter tradition and one lucky winner will win a dvd. Contest ends March 31.

grace of god

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6 thoughts on “Grace of God – Movie Review

  1. that does NOT look like Erin Bethea !!!!! O.o She looks SO DIFFERENT.
    Like that you put the *real* actors in there, and were honest about that. it honestly bothers me when the occasional christian filmmaker will get some professional/famous actor who is not a Christian or does not live like one, to get more viewers, look more ‘cool’, I don’t know. It bugs me. If the message is God-honoring, He will honor that and viewers will sense the honesty and appreciate that.
    My favorite Easter tradition is probably going down to my grandparents for dinner and hunting for gifts she’s hidden around the house– even though we’re all older now LOL. I also enjoy singing in our choir specials each year for Easter 😀 Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  2. O my soul. :/ 🙁 It was ME who left the last comment, but apparently my sister was still logged into her WordPress account on my computer and I didn’t know it and it said I was her!!!! that was MY comment, LOL, not HERS!!! :O

  3. and now it’s showing no comments at all but mine…. hmm…???

  4. Wow, I would love to win this! My favorite Easter tradition is one that my family has done for as long as I can remember. We travel down to our grandparents’ house and eat a wonderful meal, then all the “kids” go down stairs while Grandma hides our Easter bags, and we have to come up and find them. It’s always so much fun!

  5. My favorite Easter tradition was taking a dozen plastic Easter eggs and filling each with an item to help tell the story of Jesus’ birth, death and resurrection to help my children understand the real significance of Easter. I would number the eggs and hide them, and once they were all found, the kids would open them in order and use the items to tell what Christ did for us.

  6. My favourite Easter tradition would be having a Good Friday service with our church and neighbouring churches every year. I also enjoy Easter Sunday services and often having a breakfast together with my church family.

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