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Women of Prayer Simulstudy: Day 1

Welcome to the Women of Prayer Simulstudy! For the next two weeks we’ll be getting to know the character of God by digging deep in the stories of Bible women who prayed. This will be a little different than the usual All God’s Women style of bite-sized Bible stories. Instead, you’ll be learning to take the reins, study the Bible stories yourself, and apply them to your own relationship with God. My goal is that it will provide you with tools that will enrich your Bible study time and deepen your relationship with the Lord.

We kick off with Hagar.

On this first day of our study, we begin with a cursory reading of the Scripture. Hagar’s story is intertwined with Sarah’s and Abraham’s stories, but Genesis 16 and 21 hone in on Hagar’s experience.

Hagar in Scripture

Read Hagar’s story in Genesis 16:1–16; 21:9–19.

As you read, underline or highlight verses that jump out at you and/or take notes in a journal. Also, as you read, jot down any questions you might want to look up later or that you’d like to discuss with other women.


Did you have a hard time thinking of questions? Here are a few to get you started:

Where was Hagar going when God found her?

What did God promise Hagar?

How did Hagar respond to God?


Listen to today’s All God’s Women podcast episode about Hagar’s story.

Memory Passage

Each week we’ll have a Scripture that ties in with the theme of our story. This week’s memory passage is Psalms 139:1-2. How does it relate to Hagar’s story?

O LORD, you have searched me and known me! You know when I sit down and when I rise up; you discern my thoughts from afar.

(Ps. 139:1–2)


Write your own prayer based on Hagar’s story and the memory passage.

Join the Discussion

Did you learn something new about Hagar? What was your takeaway? Head on over to the All God’s Women Bible Study group on Facebook and share your thoughts. We can all learn from the insights from others.

Go Further in Your Study

The Women of Prayer Simulstudy is based on the Women of Prayer Bible study.
To take your study to the next level, purchase your copy of Women of Prayer, available in paperback, hardback, and ebook.

Women of Prayer Simulstudy Day 1
Hagar: Her Story

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  1. Oh, I cannot wait to follow you through this series! I am grateful for your teaching, dear friend!

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