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Hebrews Escape Egypt

As God prepared His people to leave Egypt, the plagues grew more severe. Locust, darkness, and finally, death. But in the death, God instituted a new tradition, the Passover.

Moses gave the Hebrew people specific instructions in how they were to observe Passover. He explained that when they arrived at their promised land, they would celebrate Passover and explain to their children how God rescued them from Egyptian captivity.

Exodus 12:27 tells us that the Hebrew people bowed their heads and worshiped, then followed God’s command.

Can you imagine the gratitude the Hebrew women felt when they heard the cries of the Egyptian mothers whose sons were killed and their sons were spared? Perhaps some of them had been victim to the previous Pharaoh’s cruel killing of Hebrew boys. I’m sure they all held their babies just a little closer to their hearts as they reflected on God’s provision in rescuing them from their captivity. After years of suffering, they were finally on their way to the Promised land.

Before they left Egypt, God told the Hebrews to go to their Egyptian neighbors and ask for articles of silver and gold, and the Egyptians gave them what they asked. So when they left Egypt, they went with a bounty, which fulfilled God’s prophecy to Abraham that his descendants would come out of slavery with great possessions (Genesis 15:14).

The crowd that departed Egypt numbered approximately two million when you factor in the women and children. Along with the Hebrews was a mixed multitude. This could have been Egyptians who were impacted by the miracles of God, foreigners who were also oppressed by the Egyptians, or even Egyptians who were merely sightseers curious to see what was going to happen.

May we rejoice today in God’s saving power in our own lives.

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Hebrews Escape Egypt

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