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Jesus Christ – His Life and Mine – Book Review

The tagline of this debut book by author R. Christian Bohlen is “The Story of Jesus and How It Applies to Us in the Twitter Era”. Unusual concept. What does Jesus and Twitter have in common?

Bohlen is a ministry leader as well as a program manager to Fortune 500 companies. His objective with this book is to explain the life of Jesus in a simple way that can be easily understood by anyone.

The cover of the book instantly grabs you. I love the design elements and font choices. The book is broken up into five sections. The first four introduce us to Jesus, his life and his teachings. The last section is focused on today’s reader. Each chapter of the book opens with a Bible verse(I always like that.) followed by a question we might ask related to the scripture and chapter. He then gives us biblical background and an overview of that aspect of Jesus’ life. The teaching is saturated with scripture references and quotes. Interspersed in each chapter are “How It Applies to Me” passages.

An interesting side note: While getting ready to write my review, I went to Amazon, just curious what others had to say. What immediately jumped out at me were the overwhelmingly positive reviews especially from readers who claimed to be atheist or nonreligious. They all liked the book. It’s a testament of our times that people can say they enjoy reading and learning about Jesus and yet not take it to heart. Check out the reviews. They’re pretty interesting.

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