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Jezebel and Elijah

The drought in Israel lasted for three years. At last, Elijah came out of hiding and presented himself to Ahab.  Ahab blamed Elijah for the drought, but Elijah pointed out the problem. It was Ahab’s worship of Baal that caused their current situation.

He instructed Ahab to gather together all the people of Israel to observe a challenge for the four hundred and fifty prophets of Baal and the four hundred prophets of Asherah who ate at Jezebel’s table. 

Elijah told the people of Israel they needed to choose between God and Baal. But no one said a word.

Elijah told the prophets to bring in two bulls and choose one for their altar. They were to cut it up, lay it on the wood, then call on their god to send fire. The contest would be to see whose God would respond.

The Baal prophets begged for Baal to send fire, but nothing happened. They begged and pleaded, cutting themselves until the blood gushed out of them, yet still they got no response. 

Elijah mocked the prophets. Then he repaired the Lord’s altar, put a trench around it, and covered his bull with water. They poured water over the ram and filled the trench with water. 

Elijah prayed to God and fire came down from heaven, consuming the burnt offering. When the people witnessed this, they finally spoke, saying “He is Lord! He is Lord!”

Elijah had the people seize the Baal prophets, and he executed them all.

When Jezebel heard what he’d done, she sent a message to Elijah threatening to do to him what he’d done to her prophets. And he ran away in fear.

Read about Jezebel and Elijah in Scripture: 1 Kings 18

Jezebel and Elijah Bible story

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