When the book of Job opens, Job has seven sons and three daughters. We’re told that these sons and daughters were extremely close to each other and enjoyed hosting parties and celebrating together.

Then God allowed Satan to work in Job’s life. He took away his wealth and destroyed his family, allowing the seven sons and three daughters to die. Job suffered debilitating health for an extended period of time, while his friends turned against him and his wife encouraged him to curse God and die. 

But Job remained faithful to God, and in the end, God rewarded him by blessing the later days of his life more than the beginning. 

God restored Job’s wealth and health and gave him seven more sons and three more daughters. And though the original sons and daughters and the new sons were all unnamed, the Bible provides names of the new daughters. 

Jemimah, Keziah, and Keren-happuch were said to be the most beautiful women throughout the land. Jemimah means “fair as the day”. Keziah was a much prized spice. And Keren-happuch refers to a horn of paint which produced a dye used by women on their eyelids to create a look of beauty. 

The last mention of the girls is that their father gave them an inheritance along with their brothers. While the daughters of Zelophehad had opened the door for women to inherit property, this was only in the event there was no son. So for Job to bestow them this way, was significant. Perhaps he wanted to assure that they were cared for so they needn’t seek husbands outside the faith. 

Read about Job’s daughters in Scripture: Job 42:12-16.

Job's new daughters Bible study

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