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Lineage of Jesus: Sarah

God promised Abraham to bless him with descendants as numerous as the grains of dust upon the earth. (Genesis 13:16) But God didn’t act immediately.

How many times did Abraham and Sarah lose faith in God’s promise? Why could they not take him at his word? Over and over he had proved himself faithful, but as the years passed, their faith grew smaller and smaller.

Sarah trusted that God had great things in store for them. But believing can be hard when the years pass and promises go unfulfilled. Eventually Sarah decided God needed their help to bring his promise to fruition. She took matters into her own hands, and what a mess she made.

God didn’t need her help. He was merely waiting until the right moment. He wanted to perform a miracle, to make it obvious that it was his handiwork and not mere happenstance.

When Sarah finally conceived, there was no doubt who was responsible.

God chose Sarah as the mother of the Hebrew nation though she was long past childbearing age. Despite her and Abraham’s many failures, he saw in them something worthy to be recognized. He changed Sarah’s name from Sarai, which meant “princess” to Sarah, which meant “noblewoman”. He saw in her the potential to be a great and noble woman.

Time and again we mess up. We jump to the conclusion that God’s forgotten about us and needs us to do something to help him out.

We think we’re making things better when in reality we’re merely creating mayhem. And yet, despite our many failures, God continually redeems us. He sees past our weakness and focuses on our potential.

God has great things in store for us if we’ll but get out of the way and allow his will to be done.

Scripture Background: Genesis 11 – 23

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