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Lot’s Daughters

The city of Sodom was so bad that God couldn’t find ten righteous individuals in the entire city, and yet, this is where Lot chose to live and raise his two daughters.

Lot had originally pitched his tent in the fertile plains outside Sodom, but over time he’d moved within the city gates. When the angels of God entered Sodom, they found Lot sitting inside the gate, which indicated his position as a prominent citizen of the city.

Though Lot exhibited hospitality to the strangers, we see from the response of the townspeople how corrupt the city was. And in Lot’s willingness to sacrifice his daughters to the lewd demands of the crowd, we see how immersed he’d become in their pagan culture.

Did Lot’s daughters know the Lord? It’s hard to imagine how they could have had any relationship with God when their father had fallen so far away from his faith. All they knew were the wanton ways of their world.

What did they think when their father offered them up to the angry mob outside their house? Were they surprised by their father’s behavior?

What about their intended grooms? What kind of men were they? Though the girls were engaged, we see no indication that they mourned the death of their betrothed. Instead, anxious to bear children and bemoaning their situation after the annihilation of their city, the girls merely used their father to satisfy their needs.

When we immerse ourselves in worldly environments, we tend to adopt the ways of those around us. We’re no longer offended by sin but accept it as admissible behavior. We settle for a second-rate existence instead of enjoying the higher pleasures that God would have for us. May we flee from sin and draw near to God.

Lot’s Daughters in Scripture: Genesis 19

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Lot's daughters Bible study

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