Sharon Wilharm has been featured in these and many more media outlets. Click on each link to read/watch/listen to the interviews.

Filmmakers Add Faith to Their Films
Baptist and Reflector

Sharon Wilharm: Filmmaker, Writer, Following Where God Leads You
Woman of Noble Character

Soulful Conversations With Filmmaker Sharon Wilharm
Soulful Conversations Podcast

Meet Sharon Wilharm
Blogger Voices Network

Hannah Anders and Sharon Wilharm
AME Radio Show

From Homeschooler to Film Producer
True North

Sharon Wilharm: Summer of ’67
Feisty Side of Fifty

Film Writer and Director Sharon Wilharm
Shares the Stories and Passion Behind Summer of ’67

An Interview With Filmmaker Sharon Wilharm
The Blogging Writer

Tillett Tea Time With Sharon Wilharm
Tillett Tea Time Podcast

Winning Ways With Guest Sharon Wilharm
Winning Ways Show

The Douglas Coleman Show With Sharon Wilharm and Chuck Roy
The Douglas Coleman Show

Fred and Sharon Wilharm, Elizabeth Donaldson
Nashville Film Radio

Interview With Filmmaker Sharon Wilharm
The Harvest Show

Interview With Sharon Wilharm, Creator of Providence
Box Office Revolution

Meet Filmmaker Sharon Wilharm, Writer/Director of Providence

In Their Own Words:  Writer/Director Sharon Wilharm of Providence
One Film Fan

Providence: A Hearty Talk With Sharon Wilharm
Gospel Movies

Sharon Wilharm Speaks
Buddy Hollywood

Interview: Christian Filmmaker Sharon Wilharm of Faith Flix
To Be a Person

Sharon Wilharm Talks to Sheyla Paz About The Good Book Movie
Entertainment Circle

Filmmakers Producing Evangelistic Silent Feature Film
Christian Cinema

Filmmakers Producing Evangelistic Silent Feature Film – The Good Book
Christian Post