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The Medium of En Dor Cares for Saul

Saul sought the Medium of En Dor hoping to receive encouragement. Instead, he received a death sentence. When Saul heard Samuel’s word from the dead, he crumbled to the floor, weak with fear and exhaustion as he’d not eaten anything all day or night. 

When the woman saw how troubled he was, she begged him to eat so that he might have strength to go on his way. At first he refused, but she persisted. She killed a fatted calf, baked bread, and served Saul and his servants a home cooked meal. After they ate, they went on their way. 

The woman of En Dor was not a godly woman. She was a pagan woman who made a living as a soothsayer. We’re not sure if she was actually dealing in the occult or if she was a fake. Either way, she’s not someone we would think of when we think of godly women.

And yet, we can learn much from her. 

Saul and this woman were sworn enemies. Although he wasn’t living right, Saul was known as a man of God. This woman would have been an enemy of God, and yet, when Saul was in need of her help, she was there for him.

When she saw how upset Saul was, she was immediately compassionate, trying to nurse him back to health. Even though he was given a death sentence, she did her part to provide for him and his servants, giving them a fatted calf, the very best she had to offer. 

May we learn from this woman’s example, offering hospitality and compassion, not just to our friends, but to our enemies as well. We never know who might be the recipient of our kindness. 

Read about the Medium of En Dor in Scripture: 1 Samuel 28.

the medium of En Dor cares for Saul
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