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Michal Saves David

Saul hated David and tried every way he could to kill him. He ordered his son Jonathan to kill David, but Jonathan refused to hurt his friend. At one point Saul threw a spear across the room at David, but David escaped unharmed. So Saul sent messengers to guard David’s house and keep watch over his coming and going. 

Michal warned David that if he didn’t get away that night, Saul would kill him the next morning. She helped him escape out a window and covered for him by placing an idol in his bed, adding goat’s hair for the head, and covered it with clothes. 

When Saul’s messengers came looking for David, Michal told them he was sick. When Saul asked to see him, the messengers discovered that it was merely an idol. 

Saul asked Michal why she would deceive her father and help his enemy escape. Michal responded that David had threatened to kill her. 

Though Michal saved David, that appears to be the end of any love she may have had for him. From that point, David became a fugitive, and Michal lost her love for him. 

Michal loved the handsome young man who stood up to a giant when everyone else ran away in fear. She loved David when he was promised to marry her sister. She defied her father in defense of David. But once he lost his place of prominence and hid away in the desert, she had no use for him. 

Do we ever exhibit that kind of love? Do we only love when it’s convenient or when it gets us something we want? What happens when circumstances change and love doesn’t benefit us the way it once did? Do we still remain true to our love? 

Read about Michal in Scripture: 1 Samuel 19.

Michal saves David
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