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Mrs. Noah Obeys

The Bible teaches wives to submit to our husbands, but what if he does something that makes no sense? Imagine what Mrs. Noah thought when her husband came home and told her he’d heard from God and God wanted him to build a giant ark in their backyard. Though it sounded outlandish, she trusted him.

When her husband completed the ark, she left behind their home, their friends, and the only life she’d ever known to followed him into the boat, and as hundreds of wild animals joined them, she stayed put. How fearful she must have felt, but she trusted her husband and his relationship with God.

When the waters sprang forth from the ground and poured down from the skies, Mrs. Noah had the comfort of knowing that what her husband had told her would occur was now happening.

Finally, when the floods dissipated, Mrs. Noah followed her husband out of the ark and back onto solid ground, ready to start a new life with him.

In a corrupt world full of evilness and wicked behaviors, Noah found favor in the eyes of the Lord, and God chose to use him in a mighty way. But it wouldn’t have worked if Mrs. Noah had not been righteous as well.

Though the bulk of the work fell on Noah, he needed his wife by his side to support and encourage him. When the project took forever, when the neighbors mocked him, when it came time to step out in faith onto that ramp, she was there for him. She didn’t call attention to herself. She didn’t demand credit for her sacrifices or hard work. She merely submitted to her husband and trusted that God would take to take care of her.

Mrs. Noah Obeys in the Bible: Genesis 6

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