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Mrs. Noah and the Animals

One day God appeared to Noah and told him that because of the corruption of the world, he was going to destroy the earth with a flood.

He instructed Noah to build an ark, letting him know why it had to be so massive. It had to be big enough not only for Noah and his wife and his three sons and their wives, but also for two of every living creature, of the birds, all the animals, and everything that creeped on the earth, and seven of all the clean animals and birds

Imagine the conversation between Noah and his wife that day. It’s one thing to find out the world is going to be destroyed by flood. Another to learn that your husband is going to need to build a giant boat in your backyard. But then, to find that you’re going to have to get into that boat with two of every animal including the creeping ones.

How many of us want to share our house with a mouse or bugs or a snake? I don’t know about you, but I might be inclined to say, no thanks. I’ll take my chances. But Mrs. Noah trusted her husband’s wisdom and God’s protection and got on the boat with all those animals.

Sometimes God asks us to step out of our comfort zone in order to protect us and prepare us for the future. Yes, it’s scary, but if God is leading you, He will watch over you.  He’ll never lead you astray. Though what he is asking may not make sense now, you can trust him for your future. May you have the courage today to follow him, wherever he is leading you.

Mrs. Noah and the Animals in the Bible: Genesis 6:19-7:1-24

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