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Naaman and the Servant Girl

The Syrian army periodically raided Israel. They brought back captives including a young girl who was taken into the household of Naaman, commander of the army of the king of Syria. She was assigned to serve Naaman’s wife. 

Though Naaman was a mighty and honorable man, he had leprosy. The young servant girl felt compassion for his suffering and told his wife that there was a prophet in Samaria who could heal him of his leprosy. 

Naaman’s wife told him what the girl said, and Naaman shared with the king, asking permission to seek help from the Israelite prophet. 

The king granted permission, sending with him a letter to the Israelite king. When Naaman presented his letter to the king, the king went into a panic, worrying how he was supposed to heal the man. 

Fortunately, Elisha heard what was going on and told the king to send the man to him. 

Naaman and his entourage showed up at Elisha’s doorstep, only instead of welcoming him, Elisha sent a messenger to tell Naaman to wash in the Jordan seven times and he would be cleansed. 

This caught Naaman by surprise and angered him that Elisha would treat him with such disrespect. He was set to ignore Elisha and return home, but his servants convinced him to at least try what Elisha said to do. 

Naaman went to the Jordan and dipped in the water seven times, and sure enough, he was healed. As a result, Naaman recognized the sovereignty of Israel’s God. 

The little servant girl could have spent her days feeling sorry for herself. Instead, she made the most of her situation, and as a result, a mighty man was saved.

Read about Naaman’s wife’s servant girl in Scripture: 2 Kings 5

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