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Newcomers Guide to NRB Convention

NRB convention

In a few days thousands of Christians from around the world will flock to Gaylord Opryland in Nashville, Tennessee for NRB 2022. The National Religious Broadcasters convention is the world’s largest event for Christian communicators. It’s an amazing time of training, connecting, and networking, but it can feel overwhelming at first. If you’re an NRB newbie, let me offer a few helpful tips to make the most of your experience.

First, if you’re coming from out of town and not staying at Opryland, you can pay to park onsite, or you can park for free in the Opry Mills parking lot next door. There’s an entrance to the hotel on the far side of the mall. It’s a walk, but so is everything at Opryland. Just follow the sidewalk, and it will take you to the hotel entrance.

Speaking of walking, wear comfortable shoes. Opryland is gigantic, and everything is spread out. Each year I get amused seeing all the women in their beautiful heels on the first day, and as the week progresses, the heels get lower and lower until by the end, everyone is in their comfort shoes.

As you’re packing your wardrobe, keep in mind though it may be nippy outside, Opryland is a giant atrium. Sun streams through the glass roof, keeping it warm and humid inside. Dress in layers so that you will be comfortable inside the meeting rooms as well as in the open spaces.

When planning your schedule, be sure to check the map and allow for travel time. The main events will be in the same general area, but smaller gatherings, meet and greets, and screenings can be all over the campus, and it’s easy to get lost.

Though it’s tempting to spend your entire time hanging out in the Expo Hall, if you have a regular pass, be sure to check out some of the devotions, talks, panel discussions, and worship services. The speakers, worship leaders, and preachers are all top-notch. You’ll be inspired, encouraged, and informed by each session you attend.

NRB is all about connecting Christians. Wherever you go, take note of everyone’s nametags and start up conversations whenever possible. Nametags are distinguished by industry, so be on the lookout for others in the same industry. Or get to know others outside your circle. Everyone at NRB is there to network and meet other people, so no need to feel intimidated. You never know who you might meet. I’ve literally made friends in the elevator that I’ve kept up with year after year. Of course, be sure to carry a stack of business cards to share so you can connect with all the new friends you’ve made.

If you’re going to NRB 2022, please let me know. I’d love to touch base, grab a picture, and give a shoutout to you in my NRB blog coverage. Hope to see you there!

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