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NRB Convention 2015 – Day 2

I look forward to NRB Convention all year long. It is truly a highlight of my year. I don’t know what it is I like the best – the assembly sessions, the smaller workshops, the expo, the movie screenings, or the networking. I guess it’s the combination of it all as well as the energy level and excitement shared by everyone there. With so much going on, there’s literally something for anyone with any interest in Christian media. Each person can tailor their experience based on their own unique interests.



For us, our first day was focused on the wonderful workshops that were part of the film summit. So many talented speakers each sharing their own roads that God has taken them on in filmmaking journeys.


Our second day was filled with interviews, a marketing workshop, the expo, networking, and a movie screening. We kicked off the day with an interview with the Kendrick Brothers as they shared about their upcoming movie War Room. So inspiring to get to hear them share from their heart about what God is doing with their movies. They also provided us an inside look at how they chose the cast and crew for War Room.  Next on the agenda was Jeff Sheets, president of Echolight. He explained Echolight’s approach to film production and distribution and what type of films are part of their mission. After Jeff, was Lisa Arnold, co-producer of God’s Not Dead, who was promoting Caged, her new film project..

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The rest of the morning was a blur of authors, filmmakers, and musical artists and a quick breeze through the enormous expo.

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Our last activity of the day was a private screening of the Kendrick Brothers’ upcoming movie War Room. All I really knew about it was that it was about prayer and that it starred Priscilla Shirer. I was not prepared for the powerful emotional impact the movie would have. There were 20 of us in the room, and as the movie progressed we laughed, we applauded, we cried. Then everyone laughed at all the crying. After the movie, Alex and Stephen spent a half hour answering questions about the movie. I especially loved the behind the scenes stories of how God worked in bringing the right actors and locations to the project.

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