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NRB Convention 2016

NRB Convention kicked off on Monday with the Digital Media Summit but today was our first day to attend. We spent most of the day either in the media room or the lobby outside doing interviews with a long list of filmmakers, actors, authors, musical artists, and more. I’ll be sharing video interviews and highlights later, but here’s a quick pictorial tour of our day.

Started the day interviewing my friend Cheryl Ariaz Wicker who is launching a new coaching service for filmmakers and others needing help with getting their word out.
We had a great interview with fellow filmmakers Doug and Tiffany Lively about their new documentary Identity Project.
Caitlin Burniske introduced us to a Freely, a lifestyle box for women featuring Christian content with on-trend active lifestyle products.
It’s always a fun time meeting with the McCain & Co. clients. Alice Sullivan, Sommer Floyd, Tom Thompson, John Schlitt, Cheri Keaggy,  Melodie Tunney, Bonnie Keen, Paul Good.
Benita Teems is a powerhouse working behind the scenes to get her clients maximum exposure.
We had the unexpected pleasure of a spontaneous interview with Nicole C. Mullen.
John Schlitt is a familiar name in the music industry. Sommer Floyd is a new name in the music industry. Tomorrow I’ll be listening to music by each of them.
I do believe we’ve had the good fortune of catching up with Cheri Keaggy at each NRB convention we’ve attended.
A highlight of my day was interviewing Ash Greyson and getting a chance to talk informally about film marketing.
Shari Rigby is a beautiful actress who was in October Baby and is starring in the soon to be released suspense drama Wildflower
We ran into Fatima Eid in the expo hall and had a nice chat about ICVM.
Museum of the Bible had a great exhibit setup in the expo hall and I got to meet one of the Biblical docents.
We ended the day with a tour of the expo hall.

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