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NRB Convention 2016 – Friday

Today was a more relaxed day at NRB. We started off with interviews with musical artist Jean Watson and authors Suzanne Niles and Wendy Little. Next, we headed over to the church media summit to learn about social media. It was, obviously, geared for churches, but we found it helpful to learn how they were using social media to connect with congregations and open up communication in today’s techy society.

Jean Watson promoting her new cd.
Suzanne Niles and Wendy Little sharing about their new book Fast Friends.

After lunch we had time to leisurely make our way through the expo hall. This was a treat since generally we’re having to breeze through in a hurry and don’t have time to linger at the booths.


Brittany had the special treat to run into Kevin Sorbo outside the media room and grabbed a quick photo.

Brittany Herd poses with Kevin Sorbo.

The afternoon was packed with helpful sessions at the film summit. Kevin Sorbo spoke on successful acting, but rather than focusing on techniques, he focused on the spiritual aspects. I found it to be an inspiring sermon on the importance of conviction.


Joe Battaglio and Joe Lauer discussed marketing. I loved what they began with, “You have to have bad stuff to get to the good stuff. Never scoff at what people offer as the best they can do at this day and time.” Like with Kevin Sorbo, I found it encouraging and inspirational.


Phil Vischer talked about the importance of animated films and reaching the younger generation through uplifting media.


The summit closed with Ted Baehr’s report.




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