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Peter’s Wife

We don’t usually think of impulsive and impetuous Simon Peter as being a married man, but he was. We know this because one of Jesus’s first miracles was healing Peter’s wife’s mother. 

Matthew, Mark, and Luke each record the story of her healing. We’re told that Jesus and his disciples had been in the synagogue then went to Peter’s house where they found Peter’s mother-in-law sick. We’ll cover her story tomorrow, but today let’s look at Peter’s wife.

We’re not told anything about her personality or anything she did. However, we do get a picture of the life she lived. 

At this point, Peter was young and likely newly married. What must she have thought when her husband announced he was quitting his job and following Jesus? I’m sure it caught her by surprise. Yet, Peter’s wife adapted, and accepted his life choice, welcoming Jesus and his disciples into her home. 

Though Matthew and Luke refer to the house as Peter’s house, Mark provides a broader look. He says the house of Simon Peter and Andrew. This lets us know that Peter’s wife shared a home with her husband, mother, and brother-in-law. We can assume, there were probably others living there as well. With her mother sick, this would have put extra work on Peter’s wife, and yet she still extended hospitality to her husband’s companions. 

How well do we accept unexpected twists and turns in our lives? Are we willing to extend hospitality when it’s not convenient? Do we invite Jesus into our homes?

Read about Peter’s wife: Matthew 8:14, Mark 1:30, Luke 4:35

Peter's wife Bible story

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