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Potiphar’s Wife

The Lord blessed Joseph, giving him success in his work. Potiphar saw that all Joseph did prospered, so he put him over his household. Joseph oversaw all that took place within the house and the field.

The Bible tells us that Joseph was handsome in form and appearance. Because of his good looks and the fact that he spent much time at Potiphar’s house while Potiphar was away, he attracted the attention of Potiphar’s wife.

He resisted her efforts to seduce him, but she wasn’t easily dismissed.

He explained that his master, her husband, trusted him with all that he had. How could Joseph, then, betray Potiphar’s trust as well as sin against God. She didn’t care. She had it in her mind that she needed him.

Then one day it happened that the two were alone in the home. The rest of the men of the house were outside. She grabbed him by his cloak, but he left his cloak behind as he ran outside. Finally, realizing that she couldn’t have Joseph, she sought to destroy him.

She called the men of the house and made her accusation that Joseph attacked her. When her husband came home, she repeated her story, and as Potiphar had no reason to distrust his wife, he believed her and sent Joseph to jail.

Though we may not be guilty of the sin of Potiphar’s wife, we’ve all allowed ourselves to become obsessed over something we couldn’t have. May we spend our time praising God for what we have rather than longing for what we can’t have.

Potiphar’s Wife in Scripture: Genesis 39:1-20

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Potiphar's wife

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