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Power Fueled Living – With Host Lisa Hooks

Lisa Hooks is a vibrant, enthusiastic young woman. She’s a certified Life Coach. She runs Solosolutions Network, a Christ-centered group of female solopreneurs. She’s a leader with Christian Women in Media Association. She published her first book this past fall. And last month she launched her new tv show, Power Fueled Living.

Lisa Hooks, host of Power Fueled Living

So first, tell us about Power Fueled Living. What was the inspiration behind the show?

I’m following instructions based on a dream I was given in 1994. I was hosting a talk show. What was strange about the dream is that I didn’t watch talk shows and had no aspirations to host one or be on television for that matter. But God didn’t allow me to release the dream and twenty years later I started production on PFL.

I’m an advocate of living our best life regardless of circumstances and situations! My passion is to empower people to make lasting change, establish success habits, and flow in God’s plan, provision, and power!

What topics do you discuss on the show?

Power Fueled Living centers around real stories of personal struggle and amazing transformation and achievement. I have discussions that will empower you to live your life with passion and purpose, maximize your potential with tools, strategies, and godly wisdom. So topics can include health, family, business, finances, hot topics, etc.

How can people watch Power Fueled Living?

On Access Nashville: Davidson County, on Comcast, and on AT&T U-Verse in 19 middle Tennessee counties. YouTube Channel: Power Fueled Living. New episodes post Sunday at 5:00 pm.

Since we’re kicking off a new year and many women will be making New Year’s resolutions, what are your words of wisdom for women who are feeling discouraged or depressed, feeling like last year was a disappointment?

Never give up! Never give up on yourself, your dreams, your purpose. Learn from what didn’t work, use it as wisdom and keep moving forward. If you don’t know where to go or how to start again, pray for direction, glean from someone living out their purpose, find a mentor, or a coach. Seek counseling if you find yourself struggling to recover from depression.

Do you have any New Year’s resolutions?

I’m a goal setter throughout the year, but I do plan specific goals each year, and what I don’t finish the year before, I make adjustments and prioritize. A major decision that is ongoing is living a healthier lifestyle. I have modified my diet and exercise regularly. Two specific things that I will accomplish this year is more disciplined eating and volume two of Blessings Generations Through Prayer.

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