Prayer is my passion. I love praying for others and engaging women in prayer. If you’re looking for something to revive your women, to draw them together, to bring comfort and encouragement to your group, may I suggest hosting a prayer retreat. We can do it as a one-day seminar event at your church, or time permitting, you can do a longer event that includes an overnight stay. Interspersed between the keynote addresses, we’ll include testimonies from women in your church, opportunities for individual prayers, small group prayers, and corporate prayers. I’ve even got a simple craft project we can do to provide a tangible prayer reminder for the women.

Power Prayer Retreat

If you’re looking to UNPLUG from the world and PLUG into your true source of POWER, this is the event for you. As a Florida native who’s weathered numerous hurricanes, I apply storm stories to the subject of prayer. This is a hands on event that includes not only teaching about prayer, and reading scripture about prayer, but putting that knowledge to use with plenty of focused individual and group prayer sessions.

Storms are Coming: Are you Prepared?

It’s only a matter of time before storms come into our lives. Are we taking the necessary precautions of building a storm shelter, knowing where to put our faith, and getting rid of those projectiles in our lives that can pose a danger during the storm?

In the Midst of the Storm

The winds may blow and the rains pour down, but in the eye of a hurricane we can find perfect peace. How can we find that peace when the storms are raging around us?

After the Storm

Once the storm passes, we’re never the same. We’re stronger. We’re made better. Once we weather a storm, we’re called to share our story and help those who find themselves in the path of upcoming storms.

Pray for Rain; Carry an Umbrella

It takes faith to pray for rain during a drought, but not only must we pray for rain, we must carry an umbrella. We need to pray with expectation knowing that nothing is impossible with God.
Each of the prayer retreat sessions can stand alone as breakout sessions as well as being combined for a powerful prayer retreat your group won’t soon forget.

Coming soon!

Lights! Camera! Action! 

Pulling from my decade as a film director, I’ll walk you through the steps of making a movie and tie it all in with prayer for a unique and unforgettable prayer retreat experience.

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