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Providence Filming Day 4

I promised to provide detailed coverage of our filming. But then I’ve been so busy with filming, I haven’t had time for blogging.

This past weekend we shot all the scenes with Adult Mitchell at work. He married a happy couple, counseled an angry couple, comforted a grieving family, and took Christmas presents to a poor family.

Rich Swingle counsels Ray Graham and Linda Ryan in Providence movie

Rich Swingle comforts Priscilla Wittman, Melissa Pinkston, Malayna Buttry, and Kailey Buttry in Providence movie

Rich Swingle prays with Courtney Lee Simpson and Mike Parker in Providence movie

One thing we’ve tried to incorporate throughout the movie is crosses, especially in scenes with Mitchell.

Rich Swingle, Melanie Ching, Daryl Hall, Marcy Conway, and Tony Caudill Rich Swingle in Providence movie

The coolest thing about this week’s scenes was transforming Mitchell’s office. We shot in the Sunday School office at our church. It’s a typical unattractive church room with green concrete block walls and outdated decor. But we searched the church and found maps to cover the bare walls, then rearranged what was already in the room, pulling out colorful baskets, cups, even a sombrero,and miscellaneous folders and papers. Brittany and Clay made colorful childish cards welcoming Dr. Mitchell to the church to complete the look. Then we used some creative lighting to transform the drab room into a quite dramatic film set. And, of course, we included crosses.

Rich Swingle in Providence movieNow time to get back to film preparation. This week we have scenes with Teen Rachel, Adult Rachel, and Young Rachel, which means 70’s, and 80’s scenes as well as present days. We have scenes in almost every room of our house. We also have two weddings. Gonna be a busy day!

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