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Rahab Protects the Spies

After decades of wandering in the wilderness, the time had finally come for the Hebrew nation to enter the Promised Land. Moses had died and Joshua was the new leader. He sent two men to scout out the land and report back the situation.

The two men entered the city of Jericho and found lodging with a harlot named Rahab. Though they tried to enter without notice, word reached the king of Jericho that Israelite spies were in town. The king sent orders for Rahab to bring out the men who were staying with her as they were spies.

Rather than obeying the king’s orders, Rahab took the men to the roof of her house and hid them under stalks of flax. She then told the king’s men that they had been there, but she didn’t know who they were. She said they slipped out of town as the gates were closing at dark, but if they hurried, they might catch up with them.

How did two valiant men of God end up in a harlot’s house? Surely they knew what kind of woman she was. Wouldn’t they try to avoid her?

Perhaps they figured that would be the easiest place to blend in. Men were always coming and going at her place, so they wouldn’t attract undue scrutiny. Maybe they figured she wouldn’t pay much attention to them. I’m sure they never expected her to hide them or protect them.

And yet, Rahab risked her life to safeguard the lives of complete strangers.

God directed those two men to Rahab’s house because He knew that they needed her, and she needed them. Sometimes God sends us help in the most unexpected places.

Read about Rahab hiding the spies in Scripture: Joshua 2:1-7

Rahab protects spies Bible story

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