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Rebekah Follows God

When Abraham’s servant received the blessing from Laban and Bethuel, he bowed down and worshiped God. Then he brought out silver and gold jewelry as well as clothing and presented them to Rebekah. In addition, he gave gifts to her brother and mother.

The next morning the servant was ready to return to his master, but Rebekah’s mother and brother asked asked that she be able to linger ten days before leaving. The servant expressed his eagerness to return since God had prospered his way.

They agreed to let Rebekah decide. They asked if she was willing to go with him, and she said yes. So they sent away Rebekah and her nurse to go with Abraham’s servant and his men, leaving her with this blessing.

“Our sister, may you become thousands of ten thousands, and may your offspring possess the gate of those who hate him!” (Genesis 24:60 ESV)

Interestingly, their blessing is almost identical to the promise God made to Abraham in Genesis 22:17, “I will surely bless you, and I will surely multiply your offspring as the stars of heaven and as the sand that is on the seashore. And your offspring shall possess the gate of his enemies,” (ESV)

Why did Rebekah willingly follow a stranger to a faraway land to marry a man she’d never met? Was it in obedience to follow God? Was she swayed by the expensive gifts and the promise of marrying a wealthy man?

We don’t know her motives, but God made it clear that Rebekah was the chosen wife for Isaac, and she accepted his will for her life. She had no idea what the future might hold, but she left all that was familiar to embark on an adventure, knowing it was ordained by God. May we have that kind of faith today.

Rebekah Follows God in the Bible: Genesis 24:49-61

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Rebekah follows God

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