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Ruth Marries Boaz

After Ruth and Boaz got acquainted, he singled her out at mealtime, making sure she had plenty to eat and instructing his workers to provide extra grain for her to glean. 

When Ruth returned home bearing her bounty of grain, Naomi asked whose field she’d worked. When Naomi learned it was Boaz’s field, she praised God, rejoicing that He’d not truly forsaken her. She told Ruth that Boaz was a relative, a close relative, and gave her instructions to only glean at his field since he would watch out for her.

Ruth worked the entire barley harvest. At the end of the season she told Ruth that she was going to seek security for her. Naomi gave instruction to Ruth how to let Boaz know that she was interested in his attentions. 

Though Naomi’s advice seems strange to us, and perhaps Ruth thought so too, but Ruth trusted Naomi and followed her advice. She went to the threshing floor at night and when Boaz found her, she asked that he take her under his wing for he was a close relative.

Boaz, who must have been considerably older than Ruth, was touched that she would seek him rather than a young man. He sent her home, telling her he would make the necessary arrangements. 

Sure enough, Boaz went to the city gate and gathered ten elders of the city. He went through the proper procedure to become a kinsman redeemer of Ruth. That day he officially claimed Ruth as his wife to perpetuate the name of the dead through his inheritance. 

Ruth had no idea what was going to happen to her when she left her homeland to care for Naomi. But God rewarded her kindness with a new husband.

Read about Ruth and Boaz in Scripture: Ruth 3-4

Ruth marries Boaz Bible story for women

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