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Sarah’s Death

Though Sarah was ninety-years-old when she bore Isaac, God gave her another thirty-seven years to cherish Isaac and Abraham.

When Sarah died, Abraham mourned and wept for her. Since they were living in Canaan as foreigners, he went to the sons of Heth asking for property to bury his wife. They called him a mighty prince among them and offered him his choice of burial places.

Abraham chose the cave of Machpelah at the end of Ephron’s field, offering full price for the property. In the presence of all the townspeople, Ephron countered, saying that he would give it to Abraham. But Abraham insisted he wanted to pay market value.

Ephron responded the land was worth four hundred shekels of silver, so that’s what Abraham paid. And the field of Ephron in Machpelah before Mamre, also known as Hebron, in Canaan was deeded to Abraham as a burial place for his wife. After all those years of living as nomads, Abraham finally owned property in the promised land.

The entire chapter of Genesis 23 is devoted to the death and burial of Sarah. Though Sarah made plenty of mistakes in her lifetime, her love for her family remained constant. She followed Abraham wherever he led. She did what she could to please him. Even when she messed up, it was usually due to misplaced efforts to indulge him.

When Sarah died, she left behind a legacy of love. Her husband and son knew how very much she loved them, and they loved her.

Do those closest to you know how much you love them? Do you tell them? Do you show them?

We’re all going to mess up at times, but love covers a multitude of sins. May our love be overflowing, and may we leave behind a legacy of love.

Sarah’s Death in Scripture: Genesis 23:1-20

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Sarah's death Bible story

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