Thank you for your interest in having me speak at your upcoming event. I travel from Nashville, Tennessee and am available to speak at church, community, and women’s events as well as film festivals and writers conferences throughout the southeast and midwest states. My passion is prayer, and I would absolutely love to lead your women’s group in a prayer retreat. If you’re in the market for a movie night, check out my Message, Meal, and a Movie events and my recently added series of women’s presentations with a Reels and Heels theme.

In addition to these suggested sessions, I’m more than willing to tailor a presentation specifically for your event. I’ll also work within your budget and do everything I can to make it happen for you.

Power Prayer Retreat

If you’re looking to UNPLUG from the world and PLUG into your true source of POWER, this is the event for you. As a Florida native who’s weathered numerous hurricanes, I apply storm stories to the subject of prayer. This is a hands on event that includes not only teaching about prayer, and reading scripture about prayer, but putting that knowledge to use with plenty of focused individual and group prayer sessions.

Storms are Coming: Are you Prepared?

It’s only a matter of time before storms come into our lives. Are we taking the necessary precautions of building a storm shelter, knowing where to put our faith, and getting rid of those projectiles in our lives that can pose a danger during the storm?

In the Midst of the Storm

The winds may blow and the rains pour down, but in the eye of a hurricane we can find perfect peace. How can we find that peace when the storms are raging around us?

After the Storm

Once the storm passes, we’re never the same. We’re stronger. We’re made better. Once we weather a storm, we’re called to share our story and help those who find themselves in the path of upcoming storms.

Pray for Rain; Carry an Umbrella

It takes faith to pray for rain during a drought, but not only must we pray for rain, we must carry an umbrella. We need to pray with expectation knowing that nothing is impossible with God.
Each of the prayer retreat sessions can stand alone as breakout sessions as well as being combined for a powerful prayer retreat your group won’t soon forget.

Reels and Heels Women’s Events

If The Shoe Fits

Do you ever feel like a sensible loafer in a high heeled world? Do you long to wear strappy sandals but God has called you to tennis shoe tasks? This is my signature speech where I share firsthand stories of my journey as a filmmaker as I struggled to find the right shoes for the journey God had in store for me. Let me help you discover for yourself the joy that comes in finding God’s will for your life and the peace that comes from wearing shoes that fit. This can be combined with any of my movies for a Reels, Heels, and  a Meal event.

When You’re Shaking In Your Shoes

Fear is something we all deal with. If we’re not careful, it will consume us and paralyze us. In this talk, I remind women that God is bigger than anything we have to fear. This presentation ties in with Summer of ’67 and can be used for a Reels, Heels, and a Meal women’s movie event.

Waiting For The Other Shoe To Drop

Waiting. No one enjoys it, yet it’s a vital step in our walk with God. The Bible is filled with men and women who had to wait years, sometimes decades, for God to answer their prayers. In this talk, I explain why a waiting period is so important and discusses how to make the most of our waiting time. This talk ties in with the theme of Providence, and can be used as a Reels, Heels, and a Meal women’s movie event.

Put Yourself In My Shoes

We all know someone who’s particularly hard to love. We need to remember, though, that those hardest to love are the ones who need love the most. In this talk, I stress the importance of loving our neighbors and what happens when we put ourselves in their shoes. This presentation ties in with Flowers for Fannie and can be used as part of a Reels, Heels, and a Meal movie event.

Each of the shoe themed talks can stand on their own, or combine them for a Reels and Heels women’s retreat. 

Church and Community Events

Message, Meal, and a Movie

Message, Meal, and a Movie events combine a message that ties in with one of our movies and is tailored to meet the needs of your church. You provide a meal, and we’ve got a great outreach event that you can use to reach the community or just a special time for your church family.

We’ve done a lot of these, and they look different at each church. It can be a potluck or covered dish, a barbeque, a fish fry, or an elegant catered meal. I can talk before or after the meal and can go as long or as short as you need. We also have the equipment needed to turn your movie night into a drive in movie experience. We can bring projector and screen and set up outside for something really special.

Actor Cameron Gilliam, Actress Rachel Schrey, and actress Mimi Sagadin in Summer of '67

Summer of ’67 – Inspired by real-life events, Summer of ’67  brings to life the turbulent times of the sixties and the struggles faced by the men and women impacted by the Vietnam War. Three women face the question of whether or not their man will return, and, if he does, will life as they know it ever be the same? This is especially suited for Veterans ministries, multigenerational events, or senior adult groups.

Providence – Love needs no words in this silent love story about a couple who meet as children, but it takes forty years for their friendship to blossom into a romance. Talks can focus on waiting for God’s timing, finding God’s love in the midst of tragedy, or the power of persistent prayers. As a love story, this is a perfect choice for Valentine’s or any couples or date night events.

The Good Book – A Bible is passed along to strangers impacting the lives of seven of those individuals. Talks can focus on evangelism, trusting God through trials, or seeing others through God’s eyes.

Speaking Topics for Writer’s Conferences

Screenwriting 101– An introduction to the art and technique of writing for film. This is perfect for anyone who’s dreamed of writing a screenplay but has no previous experience.

Screenwriting 202 – An advanced screenwriting class geared for those writers who know the basics but want to know how to give their scripts an added edge.

Turning Your Book Into a Screenplay – You’ve got this great book, but now how do you translate it to show well on the big screen? Learn the differences between storytelling for books and storytelling for film. Discover the fun of showing a story and see how that can help in the telling of a story.

Visual Storytelling – Mise-en-scene is a film term that refers to the visual theme of a movie. In this class, I show how to apply the film techniques of cast, costume, composition, color, and creativity to your book in order to take it to a new level.

Speaking Topics for Film Events

Visual Storytelling – After writing and directing two silent feature films, Sharon learned how to tell a story without using a line of dialogue and applies that knowledge to a traditional movie. Once you master visual storytelling, your scripts will take on a whole new level.

How to Give Your Microbudget Movie a Million Dollar Look – Sharon teaches how to use casting, costumes, composition, and creativity to give your low budget movie a Hollywood look.

Marketing for Movies
Branding From the Beginning – how you set the tone from the first casting notice;
When Talent Isn’t Enough – how to get the cast involved in promoting the movie;
Ready, Set, Share – how to build awareness through the filming process;
Keeping the Excitement – how to market during the dry phase of post-production;
We’ve Got a Date – how to build momentum leading up to release date;
Keep it Going – how to keep marketing when you’ve long lost enthusiasm

If you’re ready to book me, please fill out my EVENT FORM. I’m currently booking events for 2020 and would love to be a part of your upcoming event. Drop me a line at or message me via my CONTACT FORM.

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