When I was in ninth grade, I decided our church needed a Mission Friends class. So I started one. As the group grew, I enlisted a friend to help. My junior year I took over the children’s choir.  As an adult, I’ve served in almost every leadership position a woman can hold in a Baptist church. Over the years, I’ve directed Acteens, WMU, VBS, drama ministry, children’s church, children’s choir, and youth drama team. I’ve taught Bible Drill, worked in every VBS age and department,  helped with puppets, and started a church library. Now, I’ve added women’s ministry leader to my repertoire.

It’s funny that I should be in charge of women’s ministry since I was always too busy with missions and the creative arts to spend much time with other women, but now that I’ve jumped into the world of women’s ministry, I’m excited about it. I’m discovering I’m not the only woman who’s felt alone in the middle of a crowded church. I’m finding women who yearn for female friendships but don’t know how to go about getting to know other women. I’m learning that women crave Bible learning, especially when they can find takeaways to put to use in their lives.

Just as I’ve blogged about our film journey, I  look forward to blogging about my journey with women’s ministry. Proverbs 31 is my favorite Bible passage, and I’m loving leading  the women of our church through a year-long study of the Proverbs 31 woman. I’ll be blogging highlights of that study.