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The Shunammite Mother and Her Son

After years of barrenness, God blessed the Shunammite woman with a son. But one day while the son was out in the field with his father, he developed a terrible headache. The father had a servant carry the boy to his mother. He died in her arms later that day. 

The Shunammites mother carried the boy to Elisha’s room and laid him on the bed. When she asked her husband for a servant and a donkey so that she might go to Elisha, he wanted to know why she needed Elisha. She responded with, “It is well”. 

She and the servant hurriedly made the 25 mile journey trek to Mount Carmel. 

Elisha saw her from a distance and sent his servant to greet her and to find out if all was well. She brushed him aside with, “It is well,” and continued towards Elisha.

When she got to Elisha she fell down and grabbed his feet. She reminded him she’s not asked for a son and didn’t want to be hurt. 

Elisha figured out something was wrong with her son. He told his servant to take his staff and go to the boy and lay the staff on him, but the woman wanted Elisha himself to come.

Elisha followed her back to her home. He went up to his room, and closed the door behind him. He prayed and stretched himself over the child. He went downstairs, paced and prayed, then went back upstairs. He stretched himself over the boy again, and this time the boy sneezed and woke up. 

When the Shunammite mother heard the good news, she fell at Elisha’s feet, then she picked up her son and carried him downstairs. 

Read about the Shunammite woman in Scripture: 2 Kings 4

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