I spent a year out of college working as a substitute teacher. During that time I filled in for oh so many teachers from kindergarten to high school. Each morning I would arrive at an unfamiliar classroom, head to the teacher’s desk, and read their lessons plan from their plan book. Some had detailed reports of exactly what to do every moment of the day. Others only contained a few sentences that were supposed to tide me through. Regardless, they were my lifeline.

As soon as I was assigned my own classroom, I couldn’t wait to get own plan book. I carefully selected just the right book and searched for the best pencils to use, the ones where the lead didn’t break and that had good erasers for those times I changed my mind.

When I left teaching and made the decision to homeschool our daughter, one of the first things I did was go out and purchase a lesson plan book.

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To say I love planners would be an understatement. Virtual calendars are fine, but there’s something about opening up a book and seeing all those beautiful squares begging to be filled with plans for the future.

We all joke about 2020 planners and how useless they turned out to be, but when I got the opportunity to review the Spiritual Seeds ™ Planner, well, I couldn’t resist. To hold a brand new planner in your hands is to hold hope for the future. And this particular planner, well, it’s the nicest one I’ve seen. Not only that, but it comes with everything you need to get 2021 off to a great start.

The planner itself is a soft texture with the fruits of the spirit embossed on the front. It’s a gardening theme with the idea that you’re planting fruit. Each month you select one of the fruits, plan a fruit vision, then plant, cultivate, and grow that fruit. Each month includes a prayer and room for notes as well as monthly and weekly calendar spreads.

The planner comes in a canvas tote bag with matching pencil case and colored pencils as well as 800 themed stickers.

If you’re done with 2020 and ready to start afresh with 2021, the Spiritual Seeds™ Planner is just for you.

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