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Summer of ’67 Movie Tour

When making a movie, we really have no idea where it will end up. We always start with a plan, but plans change. Things don’t work out the way we thought they would. Events happen that lead us in a different direction. Our Summer of ’67 Movie Tour is a perfect example of God leading our movie in ways we never imagined.

I won’t go into all the visions that weren’t to be, but I’m happy to say that the reality that has emerged is much better than what we originally planned. We released theatrically on June 29 at Regal Hollywood Stadium 27 in Nashville, Tennesee. On June 30, we held our Red Carpet Showing for cast and crew. After sold out shows, we were held over for a second week.

Next on the agenda was a week at Showplace Cinemas South in Evansville, Indiana. That was immediately followed by a trip to Buffalo, New York for the Great Lakes Christian Film Festival. It’s been a continuous ride ever since and will go on through Thanksgiving. It includes a mix of festivals, theaters, churches, and community events.

I had a fellow filmmaker asking for advice on how to line up screenings, and I realized a wonderful thing. Most of our screenings were not my direct doing. Most of them were merely the result of folks who saw our movie, liked it, and wanted to share it with others. How cool is that?

We’ve met so many amazing folks.

We’ve mingled with fellow filmmakers.

We’ve been inspired by the response from churches.

We’ve been challenged by those who watch the movie then share their own stories.

We’re excited to see how God can take the movie and speak to saintly Christians, Vietnam Veterans, and secular industry folks. And it’s truly just beginning. Every day we get notifications for festivals and requests for screenings. Last week we signed with a distributor and look forward to seeing them place it in outlets we’d never have access to. Who knows where God will get it?

Our prayer has always been that God would get the movie to those who needed it and that it would be a blessing to those who watch it. So far, God has more than answered that prayer, but we know the best is yet to come!

Stay tuned for more updates as we get ready for the screening at the Historic Railpark and Train Museum where we filmed several scenes, then off to the USS Forrestal reunion in Norfolk.

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  1. WOW! WOW! WOW! Your success is surely a God thing. He provides! What exciting times for you, Sharon and team. May God continue to pour out His Holy Spirit upon you and bless your socks off.

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